Paper-lined Mull

Paper-lined mull is cloth mull combined with a backing paper. As with mull, paper-lined mull is varied by thread count and thickness and is usually made with cotton, sometimes with Rayon.

Paper-lined mull is used in book manufacturing as both reinforcing and as the hinge between the book block and the book cover.

Type used can be decided on size and weight of book block. cobcon offers three standard types of paper-lined mull:


Jumbo roll:3500 lm
Roll length:700 lm ( SK110 500 lm)
Narrow rolls in steps each 5 mm from 20 mm until 110 mm used at Sigloch-Kolbus-Mashinery.
Wide rolls from 220 mm till 330 mm used at Kolbus Mashinery.
Special put up available on request
Core standard:76 mm – On request also available: 52 mm
Standard put up: paper wound to outside
Leadtime:3-4 business days