Jelly Glue

Jelly-Glue, Bone Glue, Hide glue, Gelatin glue….

…are different names for a glue that is made from all natural ingredients and therefore absolutely environmentally friendly:

highly and rapid biodegradable

low water and energy consumption

harmless to environment

non-toxic to environment


great endurance over time

These are just a couple of statements about this great product:

Simply to bond, but hard to destroy!

There is a wide range of applications: Bookbinding, Box manufacturing, Luxury packaging, Sample books, Special papers, Paper-Money, Match heads production, furniture restoration, abrasives but also as raw material for other glues.

Our partners are specialized on manufacturing of this products and offers sincere advantages for users, such are:

  • Excellent service
  • highest quality standards



on palett:

54 boxes = 1080 KG

Powder glue á 1000 KG in bags each 25 KG

packaging:1 Box = 20 KG = 8 packs each 2,5 KG
stay tape: on palett 600 KG
lead time:approx. 2 weeks